Song Repertoire

Erica's extensive range of song repertoire spans works from Purcell to the 21st Century. She finds great pleasure in challenging audiences by incorporating new and rarely heard repertoire with more familiar favourites. Please 
contact us if you have any queries or would like any more information. 

Ensemble works

Augusto Arias

El Diván de Chloe   (s, fl, fl.picc., cl, pf trio, cb)

L. von Beethoven

Folksongs for Piano Trio and Soprano

   - Again my Lyre
   - To the Aolian Harp
   - Cupid's Kindness
   - Sir Johnnie Cope
   - The Soldier

J. Brahms

Liebeslieder-Walzer   (SATB & pf 4hnd)

Two Songs for Voice, Cello and Piano
   - Gestillte Sehnsucht
Geistliches Wiegenlied

Op. 52

Op. 91

G. Crumb

Federico’s Little Songs for Children   (s, hp & fl)

G.F. Handel

- Chamber Cantates -
Cecilia, volgi un sguardo   (s, t, 2 vl & bc)
Del bel idolo mio
Languia di bocca lusinghiera   (s, ob, vl & bc)
Mi palpita il cor   (s, ob & bc)
Mentre il tutto è in furore
Nella stagion che di viole e rose
O numi eterni (s & bc)
Udite il mio consiglio (s & bc)
Un'alma innamorata (s, vl & bc)
Cantata 1: Caro autor di mia doglia
   (Arcadian Duet: s, t & bc)
Neun deutsche Arien (s, vl & bc)

HWV 89
HWV 104
HWV 123
HWV 123b

HWV 130
HWV 137
HWV 145
HWV 172
HWV 173
HWV 182a

HWV 200-209?

G. Holst

Four songs for Voice and Violin

Op. 35

G. Mahler
arr. Arnon Zimra

Wir geniessen die himmlischen Freuden : Symphony no 4, movement 4   (s, cla & pf)

F. Martin

Trois chants de Noël   (s & fl)

O. Messiaen

La Mort du Nombre   (s, t, vl & pf)

A. Previn

Four Songs for Voice, Cello and Piano
   (Poems by Toni Morrison)

Vocalise for Voice, Cello and Piano

C. Saint-Saëns

Violons dans le Soir   (s, vl & pf)

F. Schubert

Der Hirt auf dem Felsen   (s, cl/cla & pf)

L. Spohr

Sechs deutsche Lieder
   (s, cla & pf)

Op. 103

H. Taljaard

Wiegieliedjies I   (s, cl, bsn & pf)

Wiegieliedjies II   (s, pf trio, 2 fl, 2 cl, bsn & hp)

Stabat Mater   (s, cl, bsn & pf)

Arie Antiche   (s & vl)

   - Bist du du
   - Spezzo vibra
   - Amare illi

Sing saam met my  (Vyf wiegeliedjies spesiaal vir Élodie)
   (s, vlc & pf)

R. Vaughan-Williams

Two English Folk Songs   (s & vl)

   - Searching for Lambs
   - The Lawyer

Three Vocalises   (s & cla)

J. Wilding

Sluimer Beminde   (s & pf trio)

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